Cleveland CG14 Wedge for game-improvement

Published: 03rd February 2011
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Cleveland says the new CG14 wedges offer a perfect balance of performance, versatility, and forgiveness, all with unprecedented feel. The CG14's new design takes advantage of Cleveland's most advanced manufacturing process and feel technology, combining it with a tour-scrutinized shape, sole, and offset. In other words, the head shape is very classic and should appeal to the wide range of golfers Cleveland is targeting.

The Cleveland CG14 is geared more for the good recreational player looking for a bit more in the lines of forgiveness in a wedge. This is not to say the better player can't see benefits from the CG14 - this is the furthest from the truth. However the scratch player is more apt to lean toward the classic style wedge. The CG14 has more of a game-improvement likeness to it.

The Cleveland CG14 is a very sharp looking wedge. In the past, even recent past, I have felt the Cleveland wedges were a little too rounded for my tastes. I owned a CG11 gap wedge, loved the performance, but wasn’t overly thrilled with the look at address. The CG14 is a little less round in the overall shape, looking more like other ‘modern’ wedges.

The CG14’s design integrates Cleveland Golf’s most advanced manufacturing and feeling technology with a tour scrutinized shape, sole and offset. They also feature Cleveland Golf’s wedge technology know as ZIP Grooves, which gives them the biggest and most precisely milled grooves available in a Cleveland wedge. ZIP Grooves are milled to maximum conforming dimensions using a proprietary CNC milled bit that creates envelope-stretching geometry for added shot consistency. The CG14’s larger groove volume helps channel more debris at impact than traditional grooves, making ZIP Grooves perfect for players that want optimal spin and distance control.

It would seem that the CG11's inability to capture the attention of consumers was a big motivation behind this new release. This CG14 is somewhat of a replacement for the CG11 - though it also hopes to reach better players as well - and will hopefully further the cause for Cleveland's ever evolving lead on the wedge market.

Golfers' review:

"I like the CG14. I used it for the first time this weekend and it's very consistent and has a very good feel. It spins as good as any other club except for the Spin Milled Titleist. I use it as my gap wedge (52*) and it is as great of a club as any of the other one's I've tried."

"I just bought the CG14 in black pearl and so far, I love them. The feel is great, and their look is very appealing to me. The Vokey Spin-Milled wedges have been talked up a lot, and I wish I could compare the two, but I have not played the Titelist yet. And with the game I have had with my Cleveland's, I don't know if I will. I'll admit that the Gel-back feature is a bit odd on a wedge, but the smooth and soft feedback that comes through the club when you make a shot surely has some connection to that, which makes it okay by me. Overall, the CG14 is a top-quality club."

"I just got the CG 14 and love it. I went back and forth on the 12 and 14. I think the gelback provides a good feel and I get all the spin I need. Great club!"

"Currently have 50, 54 and 58 CG14's, in Black Pearl, and just ordered a 46. I love the feel and solidness of impact over the whole range of shots, from 100 yards plus to chips and sand shots. These are fabulous wedges!"

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