Excellent forgiving Callaway X-20 Iron Set

Published: 27th January 2011
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The X series is all about giving serious golfer total performance with enhanced forgiveness for the ultimate in confidence. Callaway X-20 Irons deliver in every way by delivering technology, innovation and playability that will take your game to a new level. With its traditional styling and Callaway Golf core technologies, this iron provides the performance and forgiveness to play the game with enhanced confidence.

It’s hard to argue with the performance of a Callaway iron. Their slogan, ‘A better game by design’ generally holds true. These irons are remarkably easy to hit straight. Thin, fat, little toward the toe…the heel…the ball wants to go where you were aiming. Thin shots still get a lot of distance. The sole of the club really resists digging, so hitting fat shots is a little more difficult. The only real problem with this excellent forgiveness…is that when you do hit one off line, say you come inside out, and don’t get the clubface square, your push/slice is still going to go that much further off line.

These irons are good enough for Rocco Mediate to play on the PGA tour…they should be good enough for the average weekend golfer to bag. If you’re looking for a set of irons that will get the ball up in the air, and straight, without worrying too much about the thicker topline or sole…by all means go hit some x-20s at your local pro shop. They definitely should win some awards on their looks alone!

Players' review:

"I am in love with these clubs after my first game with them. I was hitting farther and more accurate right off the bat with these. I let my more experienced friends try them on the range afterwards and they too gave them praise. They all liked the fact that they were fairly forgiving irons."

"I had been a long time fan of the Nike NDS/Ignite clubs and thought I would never switch to another manufacturer. That was until late last year when I demo'd the X-20s. Extremely soft feel on contact, the cavity back provided me greater forgiveness on miss hits and with the greater weighing toward the heel, made it feel really natural to swing. I have been able to drop 10 strokes per round and increased my distance by about 20 to 30 yards with my mid range irons."

"They are definitely not as forgiving as my Mizuno MP 52. They are considerably longer due to the more penetrating trajectory, and easier for chipping and pitching."

"X20 is very nice iron, Easy to hit, nice fly, it is very good beginner like me. I think it can be used for long till I wanna turn Golf pro."

"I have had the x20s in my bag for 2 seasons now and they are fantastic. They are solid and crisp no matter where you hit them on the face. They are great GAME IMPROVEMENT irons that any player can pick up and play. They have a nice look at address and are pretty looking clubs. They have brought my handicap from 30+ to just about 12 in two years."

"The Callaway X-20 Irons gives a soft feel on impact to the club face. It has a wide sweet spot and is easy to use for most intermediate and beginner. It's very forgiving and develops more distance off of each club. It absorbs a lot of the shock which is good."

More information at http://www.shoppinginjoy.com/Callaway+X-20+Iron+Set-goods-189.html

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