Exceptional forgiving TaylorMade R7 425 Driver

Published: 27th January 2011
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While the R7 425 driver still features the ultimate in ball flight customization with four weight ports and four removable weight cartridges, the larger size also promotes exceptional forgiveness for longer, straighter shots ó even on off-center hits. A slightly closed clubface alignment is pleasing to the eyes, further increasing confidence and accuracy. This ultra-playable design comes with a RE*AX shaft with Fujikura Biax technology. This Tour-quality graphite design reduces ovaling in the mid-section, allowing the tip to remain flexible to provide maximum stability, consistency and added clubhead speed. Wrench included.

Ultra-Thin Wall technology promotes extremely thin, yet strong clubhead walls. This allows over 40 grams of weight to be saved, which is then used to create TLC. TLC technology with four ports and four movable cartridges allows you to change your launch conditions for longer, straighter drives. Movable Weight Technology includes 28 grams: two 12-gram and two 2-gram cartridges offer a choice of six sets of launch conditions. This allows you to customize your launch condition for straighter and longer drives. Widely spaced TLC ports allow broad CG movement toward the toe or heel. Machine testing indicates shot-shape movement of 11 to 13 yards. Pull-Face construction permits a light, thin, strong clubface for a high COR that promotes fast ball speed for increased distance. Inverted Cone Technology dramatically expands the portion of the clubface that delivers high COR for consistently longer drives. Slightly closed clubface alignment is attractive, promoting increased confidence and accuracy.

1. Amazing distance: up to par with its original brother, this stick can easily put 5-10 more yards in your drives without bursting a vein in your forehead. Rangefinder readings confirmed a 4.5 yard average increase on MY drives.

2. Strong and fast swingers will love the way this new stick handles fast tempos, this REAX shaft feels in control all the time, loads and unloads at the right time, and provides great control over the entire swing. The feel is a bit stiffer and the bendpoint higher than the former stock shafts found on the original R7. Only complaint from me is that I'd wish a bit lighter shaft, a 55 grs for example (it is 65 grs).

3. You came here looking to read about forgiveness, and you came to the right place. Being a detractor of the obscurely famous R5, I expected a similar behavior from this newer, bigger R7. Surprise, surprise, it is not only noticeably more forgiving than the R5, but also quite as forgiving as the best in the business: Launchers, Cobras, Adams Redlines, Mizunos and Pings (G2 and G5) will begin to feel a bit worried about this! This new R& is AT LEAST as forgiving as my favorite SMT DB455, and that is to say A LOT. But this does not mean that the R7 425 is the most forgiving driver in the planet: you will find trouble if you push too hard and even more frequently if you insist on using the incorrect weight configuration.

4. Customization...is this really a plus? Tinkering with the weight configurations turned into a BAD habit for many former users, but on the other hand, many more NEVER took full advantage of this feature and wasted much of this driverís potential to help achieve longer, straighter drives. Fact is: those weight cartridges WORK, but not always to your advantage. The key is to KNOW what you are doing, and sometimes help (as in Professional) is needed.

5. Trajectory. I am delighted with the way this new R7 maximizes distance by means of perfect trajectories: never too high, nor too low, just perfect. Spin, launch angle and swing speed numbers became ideal for my swing when I placed the "high draw" weight configuration on a flex, 10.5 R7 425. Put good timing on your swing and the shaft will handle the rest, and the head will reward you with a heavenly BANG, not as bright and loud as other big headed titanium heads.

Golfers' review:

All that I can say is wow. Just bought this driver today, went to the driving range and the second after I hit this beast I knew this would do wonders for my score. This is my first serious driver, I gained about 20 yards off the tee, and I CAN GO MORE THAN 200 YARDS. After a bucket of balls I looked at the clubface around 90% were dead center, and I donít even remember when I hit the "off center" shots, they were all dead strait and long!

This is the club! I have owned Callaway X series and FT5 drivers for 2 years now. I have a bad slice. I wanted to try the 425 so I could try moving the weights. The best move I ever made. I hit it straight now, with a draw. Iím 10 yards longer. Buy this club and like me youíll see why itís the number1 DRIVER IN GOLF! I now have all Taylormade woods in my bag, R7 425driver, R7 3wood, R7 4wood. GIVE IT A TRY! YOU WILL BE IMPRESSED!

Bought this club today and immediately love it. For a high-handicapper like me this is the driver that will inspire you with confidence and let you carry obstacles you never carried before. I set it up with the "high trajectory" weight placement and could literally tee up another ball and then look up before the balls landed. The best thing about the R7 425 is the possibilities. I can hit it straight, switch weights and hit a draw, fade...anything. I am still smiling! I can already see the agape jaws of my amazed golf buddies when they get a load of my new Taylor Made R7 425cc.

Easy to adjust weights to shape shots, it works; my straight drives now have a slight draw which added about 20 yards to my drives. I was surprised because all drivers say they add distance but this goes where you want it to.

The greatest ever, that's all I can say, when I went out and used this driver I pretty much just dropped and worshiped this piece of work. Thanks all the men and women who helped design this driver.

Iíve owned this club for a little over a year now and still love the thing. I hit this as far as the "long hitters" in my group. It is also very forgiving. I have tried many different weight combinations and have settled on the straight bias, low flight configuration. I find this club easy to hit although I donít hit it off of the fairway (I have never been able to hit any driver this way). I have tried most of the drivers on the market and at least for me, this is THE ONE.

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