Fabulous Titleist Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2 Putter

Published: 16th May 2011
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Scotty Cameron has pretty much held the same weight/length characteristics with his various Newport lines over the years with few exceptions. For the most part, the 33" length was matched with a 350-gram head, the 34" with a 340-gram head, and the 35" getting a 330-gram head. Other than swapping shafts with a heavier head (or vise versa), you were pretty much stuck with whatever weight head came with the correct shaft length for your physical makeup and putting stroke.
Scotty Cameronís Studio Select Newport 2, with its crisp, clean-cut angular shape sums up Titleistís dedication to performance and use of advanced technology.
Having complete confidence and trust in your putter when you pull it out of your bag is essential if you want to be averaging 29 putts rather than 36. Suitable for low to mid handicappers, this impressive Newport 2 is also used by the Tiger himself. Although Tiger could probably win the Masters putting with his lob wedge, this stylish stick of steel is one of the best performing clubs on the market.
Sole weights can be changed by the Custom Shop to suit a player's preferred setup relative to putter length and desired head weight. The stepless shaft provides a clean appearance at address, and the Newport 2 comes with a milled sight line in the flange. With its high toe profile aiding in a correct setup at address and its plumbing neck providing a full shaft of offset, the Studio Select Newport 2 is Scotty's definition of a high-performance putter.
I really like the direction Scotty Cameron is going with all the customization options you can make to the Studio Select line. Being able to chose a weight/length combination that is the best for your individual putting stroke makes this a must-try when you are out shopping for putters. I found this to be a very solid performer and if you like a blade-style putter, you owe it to yourself to give one a shot.
Golfers say, "I have played 2 versions of the Newport 2 for 8 years now and love the putter. Being a lefty, I wish they had more options for us. I cannot wait to try this one and see what the weights on the bottom do to the feel." "I just got the Scotty Cameron studio select Newport 2 putter and I can't express how much I LOVE this putter!! It has given me confidence and knocked off 4-5 strikes of my overall scores. I haven't missed any putt within 5 feet so far. It just gives me confidence to sink the putt and I am much more consistent now. The feel on the ball contact lets you know that you have something great to expect. This putter is a bit heavier and shorter than the one that I used previously, Odyssey White Hot #2 blade 35" putter, and I noticed that my pendulum swing is dead straight. LOVE IT!" "This is the club I most enjoy taking out of the bag. The balance, feel and looks instill confidence. Same basic design as my old ping anser but much better feel. Awesome putter."
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