Forgiving Callaway Big Bertha irons for average golfers

Published: 13th April 2011
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The name "Callaway Golf" has always been synonymous with forgiveness. The company has made some of the finest game improvement clubs in recent history, many featuring the "Big Bertha" name. There have been seven versions of the Big Bertha iron, each offering a bit more forgiveness than the last. Callaway calls the 2008 Big Bertha irons "the most forgiving all-stainless steel set of golf clubs we’ve ever made". The Callaway Big Bertha irons were designed for the average golfer who wanted a more forgiving golf club.

What makes the Callaway Big Bertha irons different from other Callaway irons? The Big Bertha irons are considered I-brids. What the heck are I-brids? Callaway I-brids are irons that combine regular irons with hybrid technology. This is only done in the long irons; 3, 4, and 5. By using this technology, the longer irons are easier to hit. This also creates a low, deep center of gravity forcing the golf ball to get up in the air faster and easier. On the long irons, the sole is wider than normal which helps improve turf interaction.

Seamless performance is achieved utilizing the modified Tru-Bore design which dampens vibration and stabilizes the club head with a polycarbonate tip plug at the end of the shaft. Its extremely broad sole also helps enhance turf relations while the added offset provides a wider effective sweet spot for consistent and maximum forgiveness.

When I went out to hit them I was very pleased with how they looked and felt compared to other Bertha irons of the past. They set down nice and the UniFlex steel shaft seamed to be just the right weight for me. The first few balls I hit went high and straight, as they were designed, but the amazing part came when I tried to work the ball with a fade. I was able to do it! I could not believe my eyes when I saw this but I was able to move the ball right with this club! I hit several shots with them and was able to do anything I wanted to!

The Callaway Big Bertha long irons definitely have a different, not overly attractive, look at address thanks to their distinctive rear appendages. But the trick is to ignore this and focus on the iron-like bit at the front because they’re ridiculously easy to hit a long way, with no evidence of the ballooning flight I feared. They are hugely forgiving, widely playable irons.

Golfers say: "I was shooting in the low 90's, and sometimes slipped into the 100's before my purchase of the 2004 Big bertha's. After playing the clubs for a month I am now shooting in the low 80,s and have finally broken the 80 mark shooting 78. These clubs are very forgiving as well as very easy to hit. I find that at the bore through the exposed end of the shaft had a tendency to start rusting after a few months, but Callaway quickly took care of the problem. I Would recommend to any mid handicap player."

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