Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 1.5 Putter Review

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Published: 28th December 2010
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Titleist Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 1.5 Putter is one of the best putters which are widely welcomed by golf players. How about the specifications of it? What about the feeling and performance? Is it the best one for me? You will find the answers following.
The Studio Select line is the result of Scotty Cameron's Putter research and their drive to create a putter collection with the finest technical performance and incredible overall feel. (Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 1.5 Putter) The precision milled 303 Stainless Steel Newport putters feature an improved high toe profile and heel and toe circular sole weights that allow for numerous length options in each odel.
The circular heel-toe weights provide amplified stability by reducing head rotation on off-centre impacts for a larger sweet spot. The factory adjustable weights are set to provide the proper headweight-to-shaft length combination. The improved high toe profile of the Studio Select Putters feature a stepless shaft for a clean look and offer a soft but solid feel and are equipped a new Scotty Cameron red cord grip.
Design: Tour proven Newport-style putters with bold red graphics, high toe profile, and heel & toe circular weights.
Construction: Precision milled 303 Stainless Steel body with factory adjustable Stainless Steel heel & toe circular weights.
Grip: Red Cameron cord
Headcover: Silver with bold red tour graphics
I've spent the last two years using a Studio Style Newport 2 and really like the softer feel of the insert, so even though the Studio Select Newport 2 looks similar, (Titleist AP1 710 Irons) I was a little hesitant to give up the feel to which I'd become accustomed.
For those of you who didn't like the German Stainless Steel (GSS) insert on the Studio Style line, it is now a thing of the past. The Studio Select putters are milled from a block of 303 stainless steel and provide a slightly different feel and sound compared to the GSS insert of the Studio Style. I actually grew to like the insert of the Studio Style so this was a little bit of change for me.
I've been putting with a Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport 2 for the past couple of golf seasons so I figured "hey, it can't be that big of a difference." Well, not exactly.
I'm not sure what the difference between German vs. American stainless steel (or any other country's stainless steel for that matter) but I had grown accustomed to the soft feel of the insert and almost hated to see it go. After two years of getting used to that particularly soft feel and the more muted sound, I noticed an immediate change when I switched to the all-milled Studio Select.
As for feel and feedback, the Studio Select provides a good amount of both. When struck perfectly (or very closely to), the feeling is very smooth with a subtle bit of "springy" feeling that lets you know you caught it on the sweet spot. Off-center hits feel a bit "clanky" and produce a different sound. (Titleist 2010 AP2 Irons) These aren't super-high MOI putters (though they will help some), so you are not rewarded much on poorly struck putts. The putt still rolls nicely and very nearly online, but your distance will suffer some and you can definitely feel the difference.
I really like the direction Scotty Cameron is going with all the customization options you can make to the Studio Select line. Being able to chose a weight/length combination that is the best for your individual putting stroke makes this a must-try when you are out shopping for putters. I found this to be a very solid performer and if you like a blade-style putter, you owe it to yourself to give one a shot.

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