Taylormade R9 Fairway wood designed by FCT

Published: 14th February 2011
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Another great looking addition to the golf club market is the 2009 TaylorMade R9 Fairway Wood. Along with some nice looks the R9 Wood range is fitted with Flight Control Technology, allowing golfers to change the face angle, loft and lie. The new R9 and R9 TP fairway woods will also allow golfers to unscrew the clubhead and re-attach it in one of eight different positions, but they will not have movable weights.
TaylorMade says the adjustability of the R9 fairway woods can create up to 36 yards of side-to-side trajectory change. The company also says that the center of gravity in the R9 fairway woods is 50% lower than in the r7 fairways. That should make it easier to hit high-flying shots that land softly. Like the R9 drivers, the R9 fairway woods have a slightly triangular look at address.
The club definitely looked good at address, and like with most TaylorMade Woods set up well behind the ball. The club did however feel slightly lighter than a lot of other Fairway Woods, but not to the extent that it should be a problem for most golfers.
The distance was quite constant as well; even shots that aren't struck to well with the R9 Woods should still travel a very decent yardage.
Not only was the club pretty easy to hit off the tee, but off the deck it was also a good club for getting the golf ball airbourne. Certainly this is a quality that may appeal to mid to higher handicappers looking for a user friendly Fairway Wood.
The ball flight on most shots was usually about a mid trajectory, which isn't a bad thing. Many of todayís Fairway Woods can launch the ball very high, and sometimes present you with some problems in windier conditions.
Another good thing was that the R9 Fairway Wood produced a very nice sound at impact. Even when hit very hard the noise was never too loud, just a consistent nice ping that was easy on the ears.
The company says: "The new classic head shape combines super-high MOI and an easy-launching center-of-gravity position. Our 'Flight Control Technology' (FCT) promotes side-to-side trajectory change of up to 35 yards, to help you dial in straighter, longer shots."
Players' say:
This is a club that everyone is going to want but should be used for players that know their game. You have to a confident player with a strong swing speed. The adjustable settings are great but only a professional should change the settings.
I love this club! The look of the club at address was very confidence inspiring and the sound and feel were just amazing! Using the neutral position the ball just screamed down the fairway with a nice slight draw. I was even able to hit further than my buddy who was using his driver! I plan on tinkering with the club soon to see if I can get any more out of this club. Great club, a must have!
I have the new Taylormade R9 3 Wood 15* Regular shaft, and it has totally improved my game.
Among the best woods in its class; adjustable face settings are a real benefit; R9 produces accurate, long results; explosive feel on well-hit shots provides instant feedback; for most, the heads glide through rough; relatively easy to shape shots; consistent, driving ball flight; generous head weight swings nicely through the ball.
I have been loving the TM R9 fairway wood as itís powerful, robust but versatile. Although the increased loft does mean a higher trajectory, this does not reduce any power or distance. Also Iíve found the club to be equally as easy to use from the tee, fairway or rough. Overall I canít recommend this club enough, it is brilliant, and would be a great addition to any golferís artillery!
I tried out most 3 woods available and found that the R9 had the most 'buttery' feel to ball striking. The club has a very traditional feeling at setup, and while it feels heavy compared to other 3 woods, I like this as it promotes confidence. One of my favorite clubs in the bag!
I bought one of these fairways woods because I had snapped my Ping G15 Fairway Wood and I hit this as far as most of my drives, it flies so sweetly. This is really good value for money and I would recommend this to anyone from single to high handicappers.
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