The new versatile Cleveland CG16 Wedge

Published: 12th April 2011
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The Cleveland CG16 Wedge offers the playability and forgiveness of an iron, with the spin control of a wedge. In contrast to the Cleveland CG16 Irons that combine wedge technology into irons, the CG16 wedges now sport a cavity back design and a deeper, hollow cavity. The cavity back design increases MOI meaning the Cleveland CG16 wedge will offer greater forgiveness, whilst the deeper cavity helps lower the centre of gravity and improves the playability of the club. The same groove technology that was used on the CG15 Wedges, 'zip grooves' and 'laser-milled' texture lines, are used once again on the CG16 wedges. This technology offers the maximum conforming dimensions within each groove whilst adding four laser-milled texture lines between each groove to increase the ball-to-club friction.
The CG16 wedge, Cleveland Golf says, has a "hint" of offset and a clubface that is slightly larger than that of the CG14 wedge. That clubface incorporates Cleveland's Tour Zip Grooves, with additional lines of laser etchings in-between the grooves for added surface roughness and gripping power.
The Cleveland CG16 wedges also display the company's "bounce fitting" indicators on their soles, by the number representing loft: One dot or two dots. One dot means the wedge's bounce is best suited for firm conditions and tight lies (or golfers with shallow attack angles); two dots indicate a bounce angle suited for a wider variety of playing conditions and golfers.
The first thing I noticed when I picked up the CG16 was what appears to be a small cavity on the back of the head. Wait, a cavity on a wedge? Yes, thatís what I said. While it is small, there is definitely a cavity there. It looks surprisingly attractive to the eye and sort of blends right into the rest of the head. The face features Clevelandís laser-milled grooves that add a very unique look to the wedge. To me, they make the CG16ís appear like they are going to grab the ball and spin the heck out of it. I donít know if I can say that they actually do that, but they definitely inspire confidence. The head comes in two finishes, Black Pearl and Satin Chrome, which is what I had for this review. Iíve also had a chance to try out the darker Black Pearl and found that I love it. The laser-milled grooves really seem to pop against the dark background. One last note about the head is that it is slightly larger than the CG15 wedge. It is noticeable while not appearing to be huge. I actually loved the slightly expanded head size as I felt a bit more confidence looking down at it.
Spin is Outstanding, Feel is Soft and Solid, Grinds and soles are easy and versatile in all conditions thus far- splash out of the bunkers perfectly and great turf interaction! Cleveland has done their homework and IMO improves on the CG15's and produced another Winner! If your in the market for new wedges- check out the CG16's.My bet is they WILL SURPRISE you how well they perform!
Golfers say: "The CG16 has gone back to a straighter address line, which I like a lot. The Black Pearl finish looked great behind the ball and feedback from the club was excellent. Wish I had waited for these wedges instead of buying the CG14s."
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