The TaylorMade Burner Rescue hybrid utility clubs review

Published: 01st February 2011
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The TaylorMade Burner Rescue hybrid utility clubs feature a substantial steel club head that's 7% larger than TaylorMade's Rescue Dual hybrid with a 13% bigger footprint. That promotes a high MOI for terrific forgiveness and long, straight results on off-centre hits. Additionally, the shallow clubface design permits a low and far-back CG position that makes it easy to launch the ball high and which promotes a higher spin-rate that helps keep the ball in the air to promote long carry. Like all other TaylorMade Burner clubs, Burner Rescues incorporate TaylorMade's new SuperFast Technology, which includes a light graphite shaft that promotes faster swing speed and faster ball speed for increased distance. The crown features TaylorMade's distinctive SuperFast Technology crown markings.
The Burner is a full stainless steel club head; this provides both stability and strength. The fixed weight in the sole moves the center of gravity low and deep in the club head to help boost the moment of inertia while promoting a higher launch. The shallow face profile further helps to increase launch angle making the Burner fair easier to get airborne than traditional long irons. The slightly longer heel to toe design widens the effective hitting area, a key way to improve performance on off center shots, since most average players tend to miss left or right of center rather than above or below the sweet spot. The lightweight shaft is designed to increase club head speed for increased distance, weighing in at 50 grams; it is far lighter than any other stock hybrid shaft on the market.
To generate more swing speed that translates to increased distance, the TaylorMade Burner Rescue Hybrid utilizes TaylorMade's SuperFast technology to achieve that. While the High Launch is fitted with a super-light SuperFast 49-gram graphite shaft and the Tour version comes specially cast in a 70-gram graphite shaft. Coupled with Arrow 2 ultra lightweight 47-gram grip, the Burner Rescue 2008 should nicely provide unbelievable swing speeds for additional distance and improved playability.
I would recommend this club to players of all levels, but it is going to be far better for players who simply want to hit the ball straight. If you are still looking to control trajectory and ball flight, the Rescue Dual TP is still TaylorMade's best option.
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