Why Ping Rapture V2 Driver is a best pick

Published: 27th January 2011
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Ping engineers have captured the hot face of the G10 and the solid sound and feel of the original Rapture and put it into the V2 package. By expanding the height of the face and elongating clubhead dimensions, Ping has enlarged the sweet spot on the clubface and provided a very hot face, providing tremendous ball velocity regardless of player skill level.

With a slightly elongated face profile and high-technology mix of titanium body with tungsten weights, the V2 capitalizes on the clubfitters' holy grail of high launch, low spin. The Rapture V2 does this with performance and style. Dual Tungsten weights do the job of keeping weight low and deep in the head, to help get the ball airborne.

The first noticeable difference from the original Rapture driver is the racy lime green color on the shaft and the soleplate. But the changes aren't merely cosmetic. In what Hollywood might call a plot twist; Ping has equipped the V2 with a super lightweight stock 939 shaft in L through X flexes. With a shaft weight of 47 grams and a 45.75-inch finished length, this makes the V2 one of the lightest and longest drivers on the market. Making a cameo in this sequel is the stock upgrade of a Mitsubishi Diamana Blueboard shaft. At 63 grams, this ultra-premium shaft lowers spin and launch for players who want a little beefier shaft than the 939v.

The new Ping Rapture V2 is the best driver for today's top players that want a high launching ball off the tee with low spin. Ping took tungsten and placed it in strategic locations around the clubhead to optimize weight distribution and maximize performance. With a slightly elongated face profile and high-technology mix of titanium body with tungsten weights. The Rapture V2 is not only the lightest and longest driver on the market, it is stylish too, featuring the lime-green Mitsubishi Diamana Blueboard shaft. Ping has also expanded the height of the face and elongated the clubhead dimensions to enlarge the sweet spot for all players to get a chance at hitting it long. Many players are flocking to Ping now to get rid of the ever present "tink" noise found on many of the latest drivers. The V2 is best known for its deep, solid sounding shot.

Golfers' review:

This is one of those drivers that maybe don't get the attention that other drivers get, but man, it's a stellar driver that packs a wallop! It's a driver the recreational player can really benefit from.

This one is worth the wait. The old Rapture was quite good, but this new and improved version is just that---both new and very improved. That's saying a whole lot because the old Rapture was by far the longest, best feeling, most well balanced multi-material composite driver on the market.

I was fitted away from Callaway. A bit skeptical at first, but not any more. This baby is long and straight. Easily gained 15 yards and much, much less scatter.

This is a great club for the player who is looking for a bomber, long and straight off the tee. While you can control the flight of your ball, it is not as easy as some of the other tour caliber drivers on the market due to the extremely low center of gravity and the tungsten perimeter weighting.

The Ping Rapture V2 driver is a very nice club. Great looks, sits nicely behind the ball, solid feel on all drives. A slightly lower trajectory than my King Cobra driver and is more expensive but unfortunately delivers very little extra distance.

More information at http://www.ourgolfstore.com/goods-863-PING+Rapture+V2+Driver.html

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